Risk Management

Personal Law Practice Risk Management Service

When law firms have had adverse claims experience, it can become difficult to acquire professional liability insurance. Even when the insurance is offered, it can be extremely expensive. Many firms looking to increase their insurability and lower their premiums have looked to third party risk management firms for assistance. Risk management firms can audit a law firm’s practice, policies and procedures to create more checks and safeguards to lower susceptibility to claims. Insurance underwriters will often look at bringing in third party risk management in a favorable light. This can result in lower premiums and greater insurability.

Walter R. Anderson Insurance Services has had long standing relationships with some of the country’s top risk management firms. Additionally, our relationships with underwriters can help you fully maximize your benefit from pursuing a risk management strategy. Having specialized in placing lawyer professional liability insurance since 1981, we’ve got the experience and relationships necessary to serve you best in this time of need. We have helped firms transition from being nearly uninsurable risks, to being placed in standard admitted markets with industry average premiums. If you would like to discuss your current situation with a licensed / experienced broker please call or email us today.

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