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California Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance

California has more legal malpractice suits filed than almost any other place in the world. Lawyer professional liability insurance can protect a firm from a suit of negligence brought against them by a client and the costs and damages associated with that claim. Firms large and small are finding that not carrying professional liability insurance is a risk that they cannot afford to take. Firms run the risk of a debilitating financial blow from one of these negligence suits and lawyer professional liability insurance is the best protection from them.

While it is not required by the State Bar of California State for lawyers to carry Lawyer Professional Liability Insurance, it is required to disclose whether or not one carries the insurance in engagement letters to clients. This disclosure allows potential clients to know if a lawyer is carrying professional liability insurance and use that information in deciding on which lawyer they will choose. Walter R. Anderson Insurance Services, Inc. is licensed by the California Department of Insurance to sell all form or property/casualty insurance including lawyer professional liability insurance.

Rates for lawyer professional liability insurance are typically much higher in California than they are in other states. In recent years those rates have began to drop due to an increase in competition. If you have not shopped your malpractice insurance in a while, or if you have not seen a decrease in premiums over the last two years, you may be overpaying for the coverage you are receiving. We currently work with 15 different carriers that provide professional liability insurance in California which ensures we are able to get you the right coverage at the best rates around.

Each law firm’s needs are different. Factors such as area of practice, desired coverage limits, number of attorneys, location, and claims history will all determine what carrier can offer the best rate and coverage combination for lawyer professional liability insurance. Give us a call, or click below so we can get to work on providing you a quote today.

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