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Legal malpractice occurs when an attorney intentionally or negligently mishandles a case resulting in their client being harmed. Lawyer’s professional liability insurance, also known as legal malpractice insurance, is designed to protect an attorney from a case brought against them as a result of a malpractice occurrence. While professional liability insurance is not required in the state of Washington, Rule 26 of the Admission to Practice Rules (APR) provides that every active member of the Washington State Bar Association is required to disclose annually whether the lawyer maintains professional liability insurance.

Not all lawyers maintain professional liability insurance. Some lawyers may make a responsible decision not to maintain insurance because the lawyer is an in-house or government lawyer, or because the lawyer may choose to be financially responsible (self-insured). However, failure to comply with the disclosure requirement will result in administrative suspension from practice until the information is disclosed, in the same way that lawyers may be suspended for failure to comply with the continuing legal education reporting requirements, but it is not a disciplinary violation. – From Washington State Bar Website…. www.wsba.org

Walter R. Anderson Insurance has specialized in placing lawyer professional liability insurance for over three decades, and has been doing so in Washington State since 2001. We have built relationships that have given us the ability to shop multiple insurance companies for you. From individuals to large firms, from family lawyers to patent attorneys, we have access to programs custom suited to provide you with the best rates and the best malpractice insurance coverage in Washington.

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