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Lawyer Professional Liability Insurance, also known as Malpractice Insurance and E&O Insurance, is more important for Utah law firms, large and small, than ever before. With a society growing more and more litigious, the likelihood of a crippling malpractice suit, frivolous or otherwise, striking your practice is greater than ever. Lawyer professional liability insurance gives you the peace of mind to run and grow your firm with the financial backing of an A or A+ Rated insurance carrier at your side.

At Walter R Anderson Insurance services, we have been matching Law Firms with Lawyer Professional Liability Insurance Companies for over three decades. Our deep seeded relationships with these top tier carries, allows us to find you the professional liability policy that best suits your needs at a competitive price point. Simply complete the form on our quote page, we will shop multiple top tier carriers and provide you with a quote from the one that is most competitive and best suited for your firm. Peace of mind is within reach; please click the Free Quote button below to get started.

Each law firm’s needs are different. Factors such as area of practice, desired coverage limits, number of attorneys, location, and claims history will all determine what carrier can offer the best rate and coverage combination for lawyer professional liability insurance. Give us a call, or click below so we can get to work on providing you a quote today.

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