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Lawyers in Texas face different challenges than lawyers in other states in obtaining lawyer professional liability insurance. There are fewer insurance carriers that are admitted by the Texas State Department of Insurance than in a state like California giving lawyers less options for coverage. Despite what would seem to be a lack of competition, prices for lawyer professional liability are comparatively low. A more conservative court system, smaller punitive judgments, and other things may contribute to these factors.

As a lawyer, or any professional for that matter, you hope never to run into a malpractice suit. However in today’s world of litigation, hoping may not be enough. A malpractice suit has the ability to cripple or even wipe out a practice. A lawyer’s liability may not only be for the monetary damages, but also for legal fees, pain and suffering, and interest earned. While a computerized calendar/docket control system, thorough engagement/disengagement letters, and conflict of interest systems can definitely help prevent a malpractice suit, what happens when one does occur? The only way to be truly protected, in Texas or in any other state, is to have lawyer professional liability insurance and have limits that are sufficient for your area of practice and case size.

Choosing an insurance carrier for lawyer professional liability can be challenging. There are many factors to consider including whether the company is admitted by the State of Texas Department of Insurance, how the company is rated by companies like AM Best, how many years they have been writing lawyer professional liability insurance and how many of those years have been in Texas, how large the company is, and what limits and deductible options they offer. While navigating the different factors can be daunting, finding the right broker to guide you through the process is not. Walter R. Anderson Insurance Services has been exclusive writing lawyer professional liability for thirty years, giving us not only an expertise in the area, but three decades of building relationships with carriers throughout the county. These relationships allow us to know and find the carrier that is going to give you the right coverage for the right price.

While malpractice suits can be crippling, malpractice insurance premiums don’t have to be. Let us help you find the carrier that is right for you, getting liability coverage you can feel secure about at a rate that you can feel good about. If you would like to get a free no hassle quote, simply click below and let us get to work on this for you. Or, feel free to give us a call so one of our specialized team members can answer any questions that you may have.

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